Floodgate Door Barrier

Floodgate : A BSI Kitemarked product, consisting of an expanding metal frame with and industrial rubber jacket. requires no permanent fitting. Available in various sizes, the floodgate door barrier fits most doors and can expand in modular form. Supplied with adjustable spanner and sealant.

  • Installs in seconds
  • Fits 99% of Domestic Doors.
  • Floodgate barriers are certified by the British Standards Institute and have been awarded the KITE mark
  • No permanent fixings needed
  • Providing protection since 1997
  • Extended Guard to protect larger areas
  • Range of accessories available
Install Instruction Video
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Floodgate Sizes
SizeExpandable Width
Standard29 ins to 38 ins
Regular34ins to 43ins
Medium37ins to 45ins
Large45ins to 54ins
Slot-in Systems
Slot-in System: Also known as the demountable flood system. These variable-height aluminium flood barriers offer exceptional protection for homes and commercial premises. The Slot-in flood barrier is ideal for creating wide area flood defences. Suitable for protecting highways, long store fronts, wide vehicle entrances. They can also be used to increase the height of concrete floodwalls, quaysides and dams
The Clancy Strand project was an ideal application for the slot-in flood system. This area was prone to flooding due to the close proximity of the river. A system was required which would provide flood protection but also allow the local residents to enjoy the beautiful parks close the the riverside. The slot-in system provides protection when required and be removed when the flood threat does not exist.
Hinged Gates
Our aluminium Hinged gates are 70% lighter than equivalent steel gates, they do not require recessed ground channels, raised ground beams or ramps. They are ideal for vehicle entrances or wheelchair access. The widest gates can be operated by one person using the smooth point and locking system.

For locations where a stepped entrance is acceptable, we also offer the same high standard aluminium gates with precision non-lifting swing hinges.