Flood Water Non-Return Valve -- Suitable for Flood/Storm Water

Non-return valve: In a flood situation back flow in drainage pipes can cause flooding if measures aren't taken to prevent it. Non-return valves are installed to prevent backflow. These EN certified valves prevent backflow into residential and commercial premises via the drain systems, toilets or sewers. The backflow valves can be installed in horizontal sewage pipes within the building or in manholes/access chambers outside the building.

  • Suitable for Flood/ Storm Water
  • Available in 4 inch, 6 inch, 9 inch and 12 inch.







Sewage Non-Return Valve (Designed and Manufactured By Mainline) -- Suitable for Sewage

Mainline Back Flow Valve: In most flooding situations flooding via the sewage and drainage system can lead to infectious waste entering the property. The back flow valve is specially designed to prevent water and sewage from entering a property.

The back flow valve is suitable for the following applications
  • Suitable for sewage
  • Normally open valve allows for rod cleaning
  • Self Cleaning
  • Available in 4 inch only
  • Official Mainline Full-port Backwater Valve


The unique design of the water and sewage valve means that in everyday normal operation the system remains fully open. When back flow occurs, the gate automatically closes to prevent water and solids from entering.
Easy-Fit Non Return Valve for Plastic and Clay Pipes- Fits inside the pipe

Plastic Pipes - Easy-Fit Non Return Valve: The easy-fit non return valve just slips inside your existing pipe work, eliminating the need to excavate or modify existing pipe work. The Valve can be fitted in minutes and is currently available for standard 4 inch/110 millimetre pipes our Non-return valves effectively protect your property from the mess, smell and discomfort caused by back-flow.

The easy-fit non return valve is suitable for Plastic (Wavin) pipes and is used in the following applications
  • Suitable for Plastic (Wavin) Pipes
  • Suitable for sewage
  • Simple push fit installation
  • Available in standard 4inch/110mm and 6inch/160mm





Clay Pipes - Easy-Fit Non Return Valve: This valve is for traditional clay pipes and simply pushes into the end of a 110mm/4” clay drainage pipe in an existing manhole chamber. Equally as effective as the solution for plastic pipes the valves can be fitted in minutes and do not require any specialist expertise or equipment.


The easy-fit non return valve is suitable for Clay pipes and is used in the following applications
  • Suitable for Clay Pipes
  • Suitable for sewage
  • Great Value simple push fit installation
  • Available in standard 4 inch/110 millimetre




Non Return Flap Valve - Fits outside the pipe

Flap Valve: The flap valves can be installed at the end of horizontal sewage pipes entering collection wells, cesspits or in drainage pipes leading storm water to soakaways or rivers. The Drainage Flap Valve comes with an universal coupler allowing it to be installed on drainage pipes or corrugated pipes without holes, from 72 to 100mm diameter.

Available in two types for standard pipes and drainage pipes
  • Highest Quality Construction, EN 13654 certified
  • Protects against damage by rodents and blocks their entry. Smooth interior surface to prevent any sediment collection.
  • The flap valves come in standard sizes to fit UK pipes at 110 and 160mm.
  • The Drainage Flap Valve with universal coupler fits drainage
    pipes from 72mm to 100mm.



Fully automatic operation
HDPE Wall Mounted Flap Valves – 100mm to 1000mm



HDPE Wall Mounted Flap Valves : Wall mounted flap valves are made from high quality HDPE materials or a combination of HDPE material and stainless steel reinforcements. The materials are highly corrosion resistant with a longevity and low maintenance cost.

Available in sizes ranging from 100mm up to 1000mm.












Mounting Kit :Mounting kit includes self adhesive neoprene seal to seal to the wall & 316 Stainless Steel chemical anchor fixing bolts.

Pipe Bungs

Pipe Bungs: Insert the bung into the toilet bowl past the U-bend and pump up using the air pump supplied. Can be inserted into any pipe. Ideal solution in an emergency situation

Available in 3 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch and 9 inch.

3” inch

4” inch

6” inch

9” inch


Pipe Plugs

Pipe plugs: Insert the rubber sealed plug into a drain pipe to prevent backflow.
Suitable for Showers, baths and Sinks.

Available in 1-1/4” inch, 1-1/2” inch, and 2 inch.

1-1/4” inch

1-1/2” inch

2” inch

Waste Pipe Non-Return

Waste Pipe Non-Return : Permanently Fitted valve to waste water outlet pipe prevents backflow.

Available in 1.25 inch and 1.5 inch.

1-1/4” inch

1-1/2” inch